The first thing you may ask is, what is GOLCOR. Simply put, it is the partnership formed between Goleniec (Computer Programing) and Corbett (Photography and Artistic Publishing). Taking the first three letters of the names we created "GOLCOR", a strong combination for a web design company

Using computers since before the days of Graphics, we have a good understanding of how computers work, and how the web is implemented with them. We treat computers more like a passion, than a job. Constantly at the key board, creating, editing and working, we devote most of our waking hours to the task at hand.


In College Peter graduated 2nd in his class with a 90.1 average in Computer Programming/Systems Analysis. His computer instructor was the first to suggest he put computer programming on his resume as a favorite past time, rather than an acquired skill. This was mostly due to the fact that the Janitor had to put the run to him because it was time to lock up, and he was still at the terminal. Education is an area that never ceases in computers, so he keeps reading and studying even today to stay abreast with the latest technology and software.

Photography and Artistic design

Kelly, the COR part of GOLCOR, comes from a family of Photographers, and has inherited the skill of taking professional pictures. She is a valuable asset to this company as our photographer and digital artist. She has the eye to spot detail in a picture before a shot is snapped, giving the exact look she wants. This is handy when actual images of business, products or employees are required on a site, because we can deliver the very best images by starting with a professional shot, rather than a snap shot and hoping to save it with the the Gimp or other art program.

The Launch of GOLCOR

After playing around on the web for a few years it was decided that it was time to put our skills to market. Web design is the area that we excel in, and feel comfortable with. We enjoy creating the pages, the graphic manipulation and the scripts that all go with the beauty of what makes up the world wide web. Currently we have three computers in active service: a server, to host the sites that we create, a Windows PC to do the things that can only be done in a microsoft environment and a lap top computer for field work and demos for anyone that wants to see first hand the work, and graphics we can offer.

Contact us: Golcor@home.com

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