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Regardless of how much fancy software, or how many processes your computer can do in a second, the best Web Editor remains to be the person at the keyboard. Although software is an important part of any site design, skill in development and maintenance is still the number one seller for web pages. By careful planing and designing, a good site can become a great site.

At GOLCOR Web Design, Effective is our key word. Web pages that say nothing, but are full of fancy graphics will dazzle any visitor that comes. Unfortunately that will not keep them coming back. Pages with too many graphics may not even get viewed by every visitor because either the page takes to long to load, or they are using a browser that does not support graphics (yes they do still exist).

At the same time, pages with excellent content, but poorly laid out can be just as detrimental. Too much clutter tends to kill a pages popularity just as quick. Hard to read pages, no matter how informative will be overlooked very quickly in favour of a better designed page.

The links in the Table of Contents will guide you through the process of developing a web page that attracts people, and keeps them coming back!

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